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Plastic Artist, painter and sculptor. In her beginnings, she was “self- taught to later study drawing and painting at The Cultural Center of Ramos Mejia in Greater Buenos Aires. At the same time and through the years, she enlightened her skills and technique studying with the great artists of Argentina such as Lola Frexas, E. Gagliardi and Natalio Galluzzi.

Angely’s thoughts on her work:

“It isn’t easy to talk about oneself as an artist or put my paintings in words. I believe and feel that my work has a sound and smell of its own that is identified depending on who is talking about it. When I paint, imagination and fantasy intermingle with figures and forms that don’t have audible voices, but that echo within me and provoke subtle or crazy vibrations that give form to all that was previously written in my feelings, as all that I paint is related to my life or moments in history”.

Her most recent and important distinctions and awards:

Latin American Art Museum of Miami

• USA Argentine Cultural Month – 1st Prize
• Women in Art 2004 – Honorable Mention

Latin Art in Brazil – Florianopolis, Brazil

• Franklin Casçaes Cultural Foundation 1st Prize – Public Vote

IV Mercosur Paint Exhibition 2002

• Mercosur Book and Culture Fair – Corrientes 1st Prize

Fine Arts Museum of Tandil

• 7th National Art Exhibition 1st Prize

Gallery of Nations Internacional Art

• Sculpture: 1st Prize

Claudio Leon Sempere Museum IX Religious Art Exhibition

• Byblos Honorable Mention

Eminent Institutions, Art Galleries and Museums in Argentina and abroad that own her work:

• Latin American Art Museum of Miami – USA
• Lanus Fine Arts Museum – Argentina
• Tandil Fine Arts Museum - Argentina Art

Writers and critics are saying about Angely’s work:

“Decidedly linked to the post-modern spirit, the paintings linger in the construction of structures like an intelligent mirror…”

Daniel Pérez – Golden Book of Argentine Art

“Painter of synthesis and essence, Angely Martinez doesn’t discard any of the used and useful resources of contemporary art. Cubism, expressionism, decorative, ‘pop’, the usual elements of comics, all converge in alternatives that permit her to materialize her ideas… ”

Salvador Linares – Book of European-American Art

“Angely Martinez, takes one more step towards the pursuit of some of her crusade’s objectives, living shape to her feelings of condemnation for the notorious inequalities of certain social regimes…”

César Magrini in the book: Creators of Argentine Art

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Angely Martínez
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