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Born in 1914 in Italy, Bruno Venier moved to Argentina where he got the Argentine Citizenship. He studied at the National School of Fine Arts and in 1953 he attended Lino Enea Spilimbergo’s workshop. He was founded the famous Orión group with other 20 painters and sculptors.

Between 1950 and 1952 he went on his first artistic journey to Europe and exhibited in Henriette Niepce Gallery in Paris. Later he travelled again to Europe invited by the Centre of Latin Azione and the Institute of Hispanic Culture.

In 1961 he exhibited in the National Museum of Caracas in Venezuela. He also exhibited in the city of Zulla Maracaibo, invited by Venezuelan Ministry of Education, sponsored by the Argentine Embassy.

He attended and exhibited in International Biennials in New Delhi (India), Sao Paulo (Brazil), Hispano American (Cuba) and Mexico.

He worked hard as a teacher in the National School of Fine Arts, Prilidiano Pueyrredon School, Manuel Belgrano School and University of La Plata as well. He made 660 individual exhibitions in the main museums and halls in Argentina, Europe, Asia and the Americas.

He was awarded with more than 24 prizes and distinctions among which are Great Honourable Award of Mar del Plata and the Great Honourable Award of the National Exhibition.

Among the museums that house Bruno Venier’s work are: Museum of Modern Art of the City of Buenos Aires; Genaro Pérez Museum of Córdoba; Museum of Religious Art of Córdoba; Museum of Fine Arts of Tucumán, Tandil and Tres Arroyos; Museum of Engraving of the City of Buenos Aires; Museum of Navy Art of the Republic of Paraguay and Republic of Venezuela; National Museum of Atomic Energy of Beverly Hills; Museum of Itacura, Keisería of Ralli Foundation.

Bruno Venier Bruno Venier Bruno Venier Bruno Venier
Bruno Venier Bruno Venier Bruno Venier Bruno Venier
Bruno Venier Bruno Venier Bruno Venier Bruno Venier
Bruno Venier - Figuras con Violin Bruno Venier - Paiasje    
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