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Sculptor, painter, draftsman, muralist and potter.
Born on August 25, 1927 en Cochabamba, Bolivia and later became a naturalized Argentine. He studied in the Fine Arts School of Cochabamba and obtained a degree as Professor of Painting and in the Superior School of Fine Arts “Ernesto de la Cárcova” in Buenos Aires where he graduated as a Senior Professor of Mural Decoration.

In 1996 he entered as exclusive artist for the Wildenstein Gallery. He has received numerous awards and distinctions at the public and private exhibitions where he has been represented. His work, tempermental and intense, seems to burst from the very land. America takes on meaning and identity through his work.

He is the only Argentine that has won the Hamburg Sculpture Symposium where artists from Switzerland, Italy, Mexico, Russia and other countries participated.

Argentine art takes pride in his profound work.
Mujer con Paloma de Ponciano Cárdenas Canedo Ponciano Cárdenas Canedo - código 10201 Ponciano Cárdenas Canedo - código 10202 Ponciano Cárdenas Canedo - código 10203
Ponciano Cárdenas Canedo - código 10204 Ponciano Cárdenas Canedo - código 10205 Ponciano Cárdenas Canedo - código 10206 Ponciano Cárdenas Canedo - Toro Grande - Código 10207
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