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He was born in Tunuyán, Mendoza (Argentina) in 1929. He is a painter, draughtsman and engraver.

He is known as one of the most outstanding plastic artists from Argentina. His early works depict a social realism, journeying through free and more expressive forms which finally connect him to New Realism.

He studied art at National University of Cuyo with Gómez Cornet and at University of Tucumán with Spilimbergo. Both of them were invaluable sources of learning for Carlos Alonso.

He is author of portraits, forms, landscape, colours, lines and above all, sensations that is the image that produces in our retina.

He has enhanced his popularity in the country, especially because of his exhibitions in Buenos Aires. In 1965 he started several journeys abroad to exhibit his work where he was well received by the viewing public and critics.

Pensativa - Carlos Alonso
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