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He was born on June 2, 1929 in Buenos Aires.

He was Chief of the Workshop of Scenography of the Colon Theatre until 1978. Among others, he set the design for ballets like El Pájaro de Fuego, La Verdad (first informalist decoration made in Argentina), La Mascara y el Rostro, etc. Under Raul Soldi’s supervision, he helped paint the dome of the Colon Theatre.

Since 1953 he has regularly exhibited in the most important galleries in the country: Brané, Peuser, Witcomb, Lorolay, Hachette, R. Carmona, Lagard, Martha Zullo, Brandy, Magma, etc.

Abroad, he has been an exclusive artist of the Aramayo Gallery in Montevideo since 1987. He also exhibits in different museums and institutions: Argentine Consulate in Colonia (Uruguay), Castagnino Museum in Rosario, Municipal Hall of Tres Arroyos, Historical Museum of Lujan, Metropolitan Museum of Buenos Aires, and Cathedral Museum of La Plata.

He regularly participates in Fairs and events in the country and abroad -Arte BA, Feria de Trastiendas, Classical Art Fair, Miami, Toronto, Montreal, etc.

Since 1953, he has been awarded with the following prizes:
- III Estímulo Hall of La Plata
- First Award, II Municipal Hall of Buenos Aires
- Special Medal, National Exhibition of Fine Arts
- Mention, Internal Scholarship, National Arts Fund
- Award of Drawing “Crisis Magazine”
- Second Award, Great Honourable Award “Givre Foundation”
- National Exhibition of Fine Arts
- Eduardo Sívori Award (1983)
- María Calderón de la Barca Foundation Award
- National Academy of Fine Arts (1966)
- St James Images, Municipality of Buenos Aires – Second Mention

He was chosen for several awards: Mot Chandon, Ver y estimar, Air France, Biennial of Sports in Art Biennial, Biennial of Cuixart, 103 Plastic Artists, etc.

He usually participates as art jury in different artistic events.
His work was chosen to represent the country in the 500th anniversary of the Discovery of America, which took place in Hong Kong. Nowadays, he works as a teacher in his own workshop.

Mesa para Dos-Carlos Monzani Encuentro Alado-Carlos Monzani Armando el Decorado - Carlos Monzani A Volar II - Carlos Monzani
Descargando - Carlos Monzani 481 - Carlos Monzani Sugerencias - Carlos Monzani Le Bateleur (El Mago) - Carlos Monzani
Saliendo del Agua - Carlos Monzani Enamorados - Carlos Monzani El Bar II - Carlos Monzani Carlos Monzani
Carlos Monzani Carlos Monzani - Escena de Fábula Carlos Monzani - Código 10184 Carlos Monzani - Código 10185
Carlos Monzani - Código 10212      
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