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He was born in Rio Gallegos in the province of Santa Cruz.

His first attempts to painting were at an early age. He worked with passion his first painting drafts and participated in official artistic contests of his own will.

He made his first personal exhibition in Van Riel Gallery, and then he exhibited in Witcomb, Velasquez, and Peuser of Buenos Aires and in galleries in different cities in the country, where he met with the praise of the specialized critics.

Later he travelled to South America where he visited Uruguay, Brazil, Bolivia, Chile and Peru. In 1962 he exhibited in San Marcos Gallery in Lima Peru, Peruvian North American Institute in 1966, with great success not only from the critics but also from collectors and both official and private institutions.

He has been awarded in several national and provincial halls.

“The peculiarity of the neighbourhood of La Boca and the amazing crepuscular silence of its backyards can be recognized in any of Gorrochategui’s paintings” But any of its paintings recognises itself the painter. His particular style involves a synthesis of the architectural structures of the houses in La Boca, the beautiful harmony between brown and grey deliciously blended , the poor and the rich at the same time, the ghostly creatures whose presence highlights the silence and the darkness of the dusk in the backyards, the indescribable light…”

Córdoba Iturburu                                      



Claudio Gorrochategui
Claudio Gorrochategui
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