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Self-taught artist born on January 4, 1912 in Bella Vista in the province of Buenos Aires. He took evening drawing classes for a short period of time at state schools and then he continued painting based on his own inspiration. He attended several painters’ workshops: Miguel Carlos Victorica, Lino Spilimbergo, Benito Quinquela Martín and Enrique de Larrañaga among others.

He went on study journeys to Uruguay, Chile, Bolivia and Peru. He made his first exhibition in 1944.

The suburb, the riverside and the cafés were his favourite topics and throughout his large work the unrefined couples and lonely characters display his particular style.

He received the following main awards:
1947 - Acquisition Award, Santa Fe
1948 – Acquisition Award, La Plata
1950 – First Award in Rosario
1951/1952 – Acquisition Award in Córdoba
1956 – Award of Honour, Ministry of Education and Justice
1957 – Third Award for drawing in Municipal Hall of Bs. As. and an Honourable            Mention
1964 – Acquisition Award in the National Hall
1973 – First Award in the Tango Hall

He illustrated literary books written by José Pagano, Celedonio Flores and Felipe H. Fernández. He embellished poems by Leónidas Barletta “Oda al Paraná”; by Mario Jorge de Lellis, “Canto al Vino”; by Eduardo Baliari “Calle Marinera”; by S. Avalos Noguera “Los Ahogados”.

He died on May 25, 2000 in Buenos Aires at the age of 88.

Cantina Costera Tango
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