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Lola Frexas is an Argentine watercolorist graduated from the National School of Fine Arts that studied with Danieri, Spilimbergo and Jorge Larco.

In 1954 she traveled to Spain with a scholarship from the Hispanic Cultural Institute and lived for a time in Toledo where she focused on painting landscapes. In Argentina she portrayed the streetcorners of different neighborhoods of Buenos Aires showing the contrast of the old and new construction. We can see, recognize and remember different corners of the neighborhoods of Flores, La Boca, San Isidro, Tigre and in particular Belgrano with its typical townhouses.

In her travels throughout the country and the world she left her impression on canvas of al the enchanting places she visited. In 2006, she painted a series of dedicated to flowers where a freshness of color and visual impact can be appreciated. By means of her talent, ductility and grace, is how she is recognized as the undoubtedly best watercolorist of Argentina.

Awards and Exhibitions

In 1944 she won First Prize with a ballet sketch at the President Alvear Theatre and from 1948 on, she showed her work on an ongoing basis at the National Fine Arts Salon.
She participated in numerous group exhibitions and her work was presented in Asunción, Madrid, London and Rome. She also received First Prizes at Annual Marine Salon held at the Naval Centre in 1974 and 1976; The National Art Fund on Buenos Aires Neighborhoods in 1976; in the Marinas Cabotaje Salon and Tandil National Salon. In 1977 she was awarded the UNICEF Gold Sagitarius in Rome and the Grand Prize of Honor from the National Arts Fund for her work on Buenos Aires Neighborhoods. In 1982, she was awarded the Rotary International Silver Clover and in 1985 the Social Merit Award from the World Organization of Nations. In 1991, The Rotary International Silver Laurefor Personality of the Year.

The City of Buenos Aires Legislature declared her as an Oustanding Figure of Culture by a law sanctioned in December of 2005.


Lola Frexas - Código 10205
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