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Born in Buenos Aires, and performing in art since 1949. In 1964 he travelled through Spain, Italy and France with a scolarship from the Hispanic Culture Institute. In 1971 and 1972 he studied History, Sociology, Philosophy, and Art in the Faculty of Philosophy and Literature in the University of Buenos Aires. He was a founding member of the "Buenos Aires Group", The Group of Nine" and the "Ribera Group".
In 1976 and 1978 he was sent to the interior provinces of Salta, Santiago del Estero, Formosa, Chaco, Entre Rlos and Corrientes by the Ministry of Education to give classes in the "Travelling Exhibition of Prized Artwork of the National Hall". In 1977, invited by the Argentine Embassy, he travels to Venezuela and shows his work in the Argentina - Venezuela Cultural Institute. In 1980 he founds the Museum of Plastic Arts of Animaná (Salta, Argentina), where he donated the paintings of 20 Argentine artists of his own property with the aim of developing the museum and which he repeats in 1980 at the Museum of the House of Culture of La Paz in Entre Rios where he donated 31 paintings of which 5 were his ownership and one of his authorship.
In 1981 he was designated as a member of board of the "Carmen Rosa Ulivarri de Etchart" Foundation, created to disseminate art in the North-Eastern provinces of Argentina. On October 2, 1987, he created the "HUGO IRURETA" Foundation to promote art and culture in the Northeast and where he inaugurated the Fine Arts Museum in Tilcara, Jujuy on January 30, 1980.
He has donated his paintings to numerous museums in Argentina, charitable organizations and to the House of Argentina in Paris, France.
He participated frequently in the National Plastic Arts Exhibit between 1950 and 1993. He currently carries out his activities as an artist in the neighborhood of La Boca in Buenos Aires and Tilcara, Province of Jujuy and participates in Art Exhibibits in the Interior and Buenos Aires.

Hugo Irureta
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