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He was born on July 28, 1904 in Buenos Aires. He inherited from his ancestors his love for art. His maternal grandfather, Fortunato Debenedetti (decorator and restorer), introduced him into painting.

In order to begin a rational learning he entered Adolfo Montero’s studio. He introduced him to the secrets of colour, harmony, aesthetics and composition. He then contacted the painters of the “Circulo boquense”: Fortunato Lacámera, Miguel Carlos Victorica, Luis Ferrini, Miguel Diomede and Vicente Vento. Later in 1918, he attended “El Bermellón” Workshop in La Vuelta de Rocha and in 1923 “Gato Negro” in the old windowed balcony in Pedro de Mendoza and Olavarria Streets.

In 1927, he first exhibited in the National Exhibition. The same place where he was awarded in 1954, 1961 and 1969. The latter receiving the First Award.

He first exhibited individually in 1941 in Agrupación de Arte y Letras Impulso. After that he participated in more than forty personal exhibitions in galleries, artistic societies and public institutions of the city of Buenos Aires and provinces, some of them were official invitations.

He is represented in several art galleries in the country and abroad, in public buildings, in Halls of the Chilean Government and in museums in Posadas, Campana, Miramar, Mercedes, Mar del Plata, La Plata, Avellaneda, of Fine Arts of La Boca, Mercedes, Chascomús, Rauch, Vicente López, J.B. Castagnino of Rosario.

1943 – Second Award Peña Pacha Camac
1946 – Acquisition Award Hall of Santa Fe
1947 – Unique Award Hall of Societies of the province of Bs. As.
1952 – Second Award Hall of Mar del Plata
1953 – First Award Hall of Mar del Plata, Third Award Yunque Group
1954 – Honourable Mention National Exhibition
1955 – Unique Award Hall of Municipality of Avellaneda
1960 – Acquisition Award Hall of Mar del Plata
1961 – Quinquela Martin Award National Exhibition
1962 – Acquisition Award Hall of Bs. As.
           First Award Municipal Hall of Avellaneda
1964 – Acquisition Award Hall of La Plata
1965 – Great Award Major of Avellaneda
1966 – Third Award Hall of Bs. As.
1968 – Diploma Friends of National Exhibition, 30 years of concurrence.
1969 – Third Award Manuel Belgrano Hall, Sivori Museum
           First Award National Exhibition

He died on February 26, 1985.


Jose Luís Menghi
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